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22 Jun 10 02:10
ASEAN made SWIFT with MINI looks
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LOOK a MINI Cooper! No! It's a SUZUKI SWIFT.

One of the coolest cars on the streets of Bangkok today is a minimalist MINI (BMW) look a like Japanese SWIFT. I saw one today parked at the CDC or Crystal Design Center under the Ekkamai-Ramindra expressway

"Cee Dee Cee" is the talk about town in contemporary architecture, design, home decoration circles. The new midnight blue compact, sporty cubicle Suzuki Swift vehicle matched modern furniture one-shop-stop emporium perfectly.

Since design, styling is an important criteria for the new generation of urban Thai automotive customers the Suzuki Swift is on the right track.

Say SUZUKI and you might think of Arabica coffee beans or the 125cc light motorcycle. Not anymore, today Suzuki has become a global Japanese auto marque just like Honda, Nissan Toyota or Mazda. In the Thai kingdom Suzuki Automobile (Thailand) is firmly established with a strong portfolio consisting of a light delivery truck CARRY, a compact small people carrier APV (All Purpose Vehicle), the SUV Grand Vitara and the new triumph card Suzuki SWIFT, the urban hot hatch.

The CarSanook! Swift press demonstration car was the silky silver metallic GL top of-the-line version. Fully loaded.

Walk around the vehicle and you'll immediate notice the cubicle architecture with a high roof, the swept-back headlights, and distinctive wrap around tail-lights and the bulging wheel arches. The design tells you "I am looking good and sporty. My name is Swift - Suzuki Swift".

In automotive design this is an "FF", or Front-engine, Front-wheel drive layout with both the engine and road wheels at the front of the vehicle. Just like the original Mini Morris of the 60s deigned by the legendary Alex Issaginois, automotive architect.

Driving impressons. At the wheel in the cockpit. I immediately connect with the seat which fits me like a glove. Next, buckle up! Shifter in D and "drive". And step on it! The real connection with the car, the tarmac, the driving experience of this 5-door hot urban pocket rocket.

Out on Vipavadee highway-expressway. Right lane. We hit the top speed 0-100 kph in less than nine seconds. The compact EE1 engine produces 100 bhp. The drivetrain; the 4-speed automatic gerabox with all the cogs and wheels works smoothly and effortlessly.

Commmanding view. Dashboard controls all form and function and a sporty steering with integrated audio, MP3, iPod functions. I like the steering wheel radio/audion controls. Everything at your fingertips. (All cars should have a "MFSW" a multi fuction steering wheel.) Lane changing and you turns a piece of cake with plenty of grip, sharp steering and solid handling and a taut but not hard suspension.Potholes, bumps and cracks. No problem. This is a more robust, solid car than the usual four door Asian (economy) saloon.

In the engine room we find a 1,5 liter (1,490 cc) front engine. This preppy powerplant manages an average mileage of 14,5 kilometer per liter

Some, small cars still come with a rather basic safety spacifications or the rudimentary seatbealts and ABS but no front airbag - or only airbag for the driver. How about the passenger? But Suzuki SWIFT is one of the first hatchback in the Kingdom to have front air bags - for both driver and co-driver ( navigator).
And there is plenty of cargo space with the seat folded.

This is a small car that does not look or feel like a small car. And the best part part. The Swift almost goes like a scolded cock chased by dogs and corners tight like a hunted fox.

Suzuki Swift GL is a well built big, little, hot hatch; a drivers car, par excellence.

Trust me.


Price: THB 649,000
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