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16 Oct 10 16:15
Impressive IMPREZA - Subaru AWD
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Total Driving Pleasure - All Wheel Drive a la SUBARU

       The "SUBIE" IS THE most non-Japanese car among all the Japanese cars on the market. Why? Is it the name: Subaru? No. The design? Yes,sir. The styling is Euro-continental. The engine? Oh, YES the flat boxer engine! Is it the power train. YES. The All Wheel Drive (AWD)! Is it the driving experience driving? Absolutely positively, hands down - YES!

       First of all I like to drive manual (stick-shift). Clutch, accelerator and shifter. That's how I learned to drive a hundred years ago. The foot on the accelerator – the hand on the stick, shifting the gears up and down. That was in Sweden, Europe where they still drive manual – at least 60 percent. Still shifting the gears. 1-2-3-4-5...

       In Thailand today 99 percent of the new passenger cars have "AUTO" or automatic transmission. The car becomes an "auto-mobil". It drives by itself. It shifts the gears for you. You're just the passenger. With a manual transmission you're driver, you're in charge. You control the engine, the RPMs, the gears; the speed. And SUBARU IMPREZA is all about engine speed, acceleration, control, and what B.M.W. calls 'Freude am Fahren' driving pleasure'… but only at about a half the price of the cheapest 'Beemer' three series. The power plant included in Subaru's sticker price a powerful, two liter, four cylinder, flat boxer engine (same engine concept as Porsche but only circa 1/5 of the price).

       Subaru’s styling has always been very distinct and different from the rest of the mainstream hatchback and sedans. The French would call it Sportif . Our demo Subaru is the 5-door hatch back painted in a bright, refreshing 'lightning red' body paint. Young drivers would call the Subaru 2.0 a 'hot hatch' or a 5-door saloon with the rear chopped off. 'Hatched'. The sporty styling elements are enhanced by the wildly flared arches, and the restrained rear wing and the unsymmetrical LED brake light cluster. Very Subaru. Step inside the Subaru Impreza. Elegant off-black interior. Spacious and comfortable. Passenger access is enhanced by the rear doors opening to a wide 75-degree angle. Once you're seated and buckled up in the Recaro inspired front racing buckets. You immediately feel like. Wow! I wanna drive this car”. YES, sir.

       Gear in neutral. GAS! The two liter flat boxer engine gives an reassuring roar. The the five speed manual is ready. 1-2-3-4-5. The gear lever throw is short, sharp and precise. The glorious 2.0 liter power plant pumps out 107 break horse power. Zero to 100 kph 8 seconds flat! Top speed 190 kilometer per hour. On the road. You immediately notice the grip. All four wheels gripping symmetrically from every corner. Keeping you steady as a rock on the tarmac and through the curves. No wonder Subaru has won so many IFA World Rally Championships on all the continents. Now we're moving. Exit suburbia enter Bagna-Trat express way. Eight wide, straight lanes. Here we can overtake. No competition from the 'tammada' Toyota's, Honda's, Hyundai's, Mitsubishi's nor the Ford's, neither the Chevy's. Against Subaru's 2,000 cc boxer engine, AWD and stick shift they don't have a chance.

       In the cockpit. Aircraft DNA. The steering wheel comes with good feel and grip plus integrated multi function audio buttons. Impreza's gauges and instruments in bright crimson red with a the large tachometer prominently behind the steering wheel. Accelerating, overtaking, braking and lane shifting on the Chonburi-Rayong provincial is pure driving pleasure. The precise 4-sensor, 4-channel ABS brakes match the engine performance and the driving dynamics.

       I am impressed with Subaru Impreza. And I find out that the word "Impreza" is a coined word, deriving from an originally Italian word, impresa, meaning a feat, achievement or undertaking. If you need the confidence of permanent four wheel drive (AWD) in a family hatchback, the Impreza is a reassuring buy and ab-so-lu-te-ly fun vehicle to drive. When you buy a Subaru you don't buy a mass market hatch back. You buy a membership to the Subaru owners/drivers club with the tag line “Think Feel and Drive”.

       Finally, check out the Subaru Impreza which is featured in the Hollywood comedy and road movie trailer "Due Date". Watch the end of the scene when the signal red "Subie" somersaults off the bridge. Ka-boom! The car is smoking but still in one piece. The two dudes (and the dog) in the vehicle not a scratch. That's a strong and safe vehicle. Absolutely Impressive Subaru IMPREZA.

       In Thailand Subaru Impreza is exclusively imported and distributed by Motorimage Co., Ltd.

Impreza 2.OR-S Manual Transmission
Price: 1,398,000 THB


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