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15 Jun 09 14:08
CarSanook Driving Tips
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CarSanook Driving Tips: Parking

“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot" crooned Joni Mitchell in the 70s.

Parking in cities of the Kingdom during the 80s and 90s was still a child’s play. Nasty devices like the yellow wheel clamps were still unknown and parking was mostly free.

These days I see hyper stressed drivers with validated and non validated green parking tickets in their mouths busy trying to exit or find a parking bay.

Do not put the parking ticket in your mouth! You do NOT look cool with that thing in your mouth! Nor should you grip the ticket with your fingers while turning the steering wheel. Multitasking at the wheel is BAD!

Two hands on the wheel and relax. Parking is NOT stressful. However, many dents scratches do occur during parking maneuvers.

If you double park, common practice in many shopping malls these days DO always engage the shifter in N or in Neutral Gear. And No handbrake or parking brake!

Why? Simply, because when the manual stick shift is on neutral, other car owners, security (the uniformed dudes with their ubiquitous whistles!) and parking attendants can push to move your car forwards or backwards to enable others to get out of their parking lots.

The double parking method is practical since there aren't enough car park spaces in all the shopping mega malls in Bangkok and Phuket especially during the weekends.
Emporium during weekends. Please go the B4. Oh, that is really the underground
basement level four! How about the toxic fumes!

DO NOT DOUBLE PARK A VEHICLE WITH AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION! The wheels are locked once the gear lever is in P parking mode. A tow-truck is needed to move the vehicle!

Always keep your windows completely closed. And do not leave your cute white, fluffy miniature pet poodle in the car. Temperatures in side the car can reach a scorching 40-50 centigrade in no time. And puppy "Spot" overheating.

Avoid parking beside large vehicles such as trucks or vans which can provide a convenient shield from eye-witnesses. Also heavy stuff can fall off these commercial vehicles.

Never leave your mail visible in your vehicle, your address will provide a clues to strangers. Protect your identity! And do not leave tempting valuables or property visible inside your vehicle. Lock these items out of sight in your trunk or leave them at home or you’ll be a victim of a smash & grab crime.

If parking in the night, find a spot in the most well-lit area of the parking area. Especially in underground parking lots.

Do not park in isolated locations or behind obstructions that block you from the view of others. Also, these areas could lack CCTV (Close-Circuit-TV) monitoring.

Be aware! Also, check inside both front and back seat before you embark. Just like in the Hollywood flicks.

Finally, a clever parking space advertising, a painted red & white parking stripe: “Parking for Desperate Housewives”. This was ABC network advertising the return of “Desperate Housewives” in a Chicago parking lot.

Buckle Up - Drive Safely and Park

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