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Car Sanook Car Talk or Auto Acronyms A-Z

AAS Auto Service Co., Ltd.
The official Porsche importer & distributor in Thailand. The Porsche Center is located on Viphavadee Rangsit highway opposite Laksi Plaza and the old Bangkok International Airport at end of the runway. Porsche Center (spelled Centre) in the silver metallic showroom you'll find the 'Made in Gemany' super Zuffenhausen collection of Cayman 2.9 the Boxter and legendary 911 Carrera S.

ABS What does it actually mean? Anti-Lock Breaking System. Simply meaning that you can slam on the brakes and you vehicle will stop in a straight line, no sliding, no skidding. No – kidding - the real thing. Make sure that the car you buy has ABS.

A/C Air Conditioner. Aee Yen, in Pood Pasah Thai. The “A/C” is of outmost importance for driving in Bangkok and the provinces. If you 'aircon' is kaputt your car will rapidly turn in to a sauna cum steam room, especially in March/April.

Air Bag Make sure you get one one the passenger side, as well. Otherwise in case of a nasty accident , you might survive but passenger; wife, colleague, president of the company, concubine, mother-in-law. So Long - It's been good to know ya. Miss ya! If no A/B on passenger side, ask you passenger to wear a integral crash helmet,

Alloy Wheels In Thailand called “Mag-Wheels”. One of the most important elements for exterior decoration. Automotive form & function, par excellence. Unit price 10.000 – 90.000 THB.

AUDI Worsprung Durch Techik “Advancement through technology”. German manufacturer of premium, attractive, sophisticated and technologically advanced cars. The company was founded a century ago. The worldwide 100 th year anniversary celebration will take place in 30 days!
Fasten your seat belts! In Thailand Audi is represented by German Motor Work Co.Ltd. 184 Suriwong Rd. Bangrak, Bangkok 10500Thailand. Tel. +662 266 7777 and Fax +662 235 6380

Cabriolet A European term for convertible. European manufactures like Peugeot convertible models cabriolets or Cabrios. Like Peugeot 207 CC. A coupe convertible. A two door sport car. Most convertible are two door.

Cadillac American motoring heritage, right on! The 'Caddy' was named after another Frenchman, Antoine de La Mothe. Cadillac; the French military comander who founded the city of Detroit 1701. What a suitable name for the oldest carmaker in in Motown, Detroit. Cadillac was a forerunner in automobile style and innovations: 1948, the tail-fin design, Cadillac Eldorado; and in 1949, the legendary two door hard-top Coup De Ville. In the 50-60s, Cadillac introduced cruise control, automatic climate control, air suspension , memory seats and many other goodies. Cadillac is today part of GM, General Motors Corporation.

Carburator The fuel system component that mixes fuel and air supplies the proper amounts of both to the engine. These day most cars are equipped with fuel injection.

Cassette player A unit which plays (but does not record) audio cassettes and is often linked with a stereo unit in an automobile. Redundant these days. Look for MP3 players or UBS for your in-car audio entertainment. N.B. Make sure you have steering wheel controls! No letting go the steering heel and fiddling with the center console radio buttons.

Citroen Legendary French car brand established by Monsieur Andre Citroen, a true visionary automobile designer, whom, today we would call a car stylist. Only a guy like Andre Citroen could have designed cars like “Le Voiture Ganster”, the “ganster car (with suicide doors)” Also known as the Traction Avant. (front wheel drive). And the iconic French Beetle” 2CV. With an amazing 375cc two cylinder engine - in French called the 'two horse power' – Des deux Cheveux also nicknamed “ the “Sardine Can”, the cheapest convertible/cabriolet ever manufactured! Andre Citroen also designed the 1955 DS “The Goddess” with an futuristic aerodynamic form and function, par excellence.

This model is also famous for its ground breaking hydro-pneumatic suspension. Citroen is represented in Thailand by Yontrakit Group. Tel:

Ceramic brakes Nothing to do with the kitchen or cooking utensils! The braking performance of ceramic brakes is not reduced even after frequent braking, when driving down a mountain pass, for example. Resistance to fading – the significant deterioration in performance after repeated hard braking – is far superior to that of other types of brakes. Also called super premium brakes here the discs are made from carbon fibre-reinforced ceramic. The basic constituent of this material – known as composite ceramic – is the very hard and abrasion-resistant silicon carbide.

CO Carbon Monoxide, a deadly colorless, and tasteless gas found in the engine exhaust. Toxic even in small small concentrations. If you ever have to is sleep in the car - make sure you turn off the engine!
And open the windows.

Chassis Sounds like the name of an exotic cocktail. But in fact it is the underlying structure of a vehicle. In cars with a frame, the chassis usually includes all of the mechanical components attached to the structure. In vehicles with unitized construction, the chassi includes all the components except for the body.

Concept car or Prototype. A vehicle that is not in production. Maybe to be produced in the future. These cars are sometimes whimsical ideas of future “dram cars”. They are an important element of every international or domestic motor-show. The concept cars are always displayed with scantily dressed ladies “motor-show pretties”
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