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24 Jun 09 17:56
'Volvo - The Game' - over 7 million hits
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The interest for 'Volvo -The Game' has been overwhelming and after three weeks 250,000 had visited the Volvo S60 Concept web sites and some 7 million hits could be tracked on Google for 'Volvo - The Game'. The 1st prize winner of the first competition is 'Hobi' (Germany).

Some 220,000 people had downloaded the game and nearly 10,000 people participated in the first competition, which ended on June 9. The first racing game competition was run on the Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena in Sweden.
When the first competition closed, there was one driver who had been running 2,552 laps with the Volvo S60 Concept.

The winner Hobi will be awarded with a set of Pirelli 18" tyres.
Second competition runs on Chayka, Ukraine

But there are more chances to become the best driver. The second competition, running on Chayka race track in Kiev, Ukraine that started immediately after the first one, on June 10, will continue until June 24.
The Chayka track takes a player approximately one minute longer than one lap on the Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena.

Winners of the first 'Volvo - The Game' on Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena:
1. Hobi (47.119 sec)
2. Oscar-X (47.252 sec)
3. Arnaudlacombe2 (47.437 sec)

Prize ladder:
1st Prize
Set of tyres, up to 18", from Pirelli. Official Partner for Volvo the Game
2nd Prize

Large printed image of the S60 Concept from http://www.volvoprints.com/
3rd Prize

Foot note:

Volvo - The Game was launched on 26 May and can be downloaded for free from www.volvocars.com/game

Volvo - The Game in detail

A team of 15-20 people worked together to create Volvo - The Game with the aim of making it as realistic as possible. The game developers have invested tens of thousands of hours in getting all the details exactly right. Just "building" a car for a racing game takes about one month.

As is the case with the real cars, the six cars in this game each have different driving characteristics. The classic Volvo 240 Turbo Group A, for instance, handles very differently when compared with the latest newcomer, the Volvo S60 Concept. In order to recreate the older cars' interiors as authentically as possible, the designers visited the Volvo Museum to study the former racing legends.

To add further authenticity, game engineers also pulled one of the race cars out of hibernation and gave it a thorough full-speed workout, recording the engine sound straight from the racing track.

The two racing tracks have been reproduced with detail and immense precision. It takes about 1000 hours to create a virtual racing track. Even the kerbs are exactly the same height as the real track.

Volvo - The Game can be played with a steering wheel and pedals connected to the computer. It is also possible to operate the car via the PC's keyboard or with a game-pad. The game offers a choice of skill levels: "novice" with all the driver assistance technology activated such as ABS brakes, the next level up is "semi-pro", and finally "pro" where there is no assistance whatsoever.
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