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04 Aug 10 15:36
Facelifted & Upgraded MAZDA3 Rolled Out In Bangkok
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"New" MAZDA3 loaded with fresh exterior and interior features.

Mazda Sales (Thailand) expects that the Thai automobile market will exceed 700,000 units sales this year due to various positive economic indicators. With sales of Mazda vehicles in Thailand surging by 240% year on year in the first half of the year, the company is ready to move ahead towards sustainable growth in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. The latest product launch from Mazda is the Mazda3 minor change, which comes with an updated and sporty look. The new Mazda3 is expected to appeal to customers who love sporty cars and comes with newly-designed aerodynamics package all-round plus detail improvements both interior and exterior. Meanwhile, the starting price is still maintained at THB 755,000.

Choichi Yuki, Managing Director of MST, said Mazda is confident in Thailand’s economic potential, while the growth of the Thai auto market still remains a strong attraction for foreign investment. “Considering the stable economic condition and the strong foundation, along with Thailand’s positive investment promotion policy, we believe that the automobile market will enjoy long-term expansion and that the market share of passenger cars will reach the same level as pickup trucks in the near future,” he said.

He said that in the second half of the year, the Thai auto market is expected to grow continuously, and the launch of the Minor Changed Mazda3 today will help Mazda to achieve the sales target of 6,000 units for this particular model. In addition, Mazda is also preparing to introduce more special models in the final quarter of the year, he added. “Mazda expects that it will be a big year for the Thai auto market, with total sales exceeding 700,000 units or 28% growth compared to 2009,” he said.

According to Yuki, the auto market has become highly active after various auto makers have come out to stimulate the market, leading to a 50% growth the 1st half of this year. In the 1st half of 2010, Mazda sold the total of 16,895 units, 240% YOY growth compared to the corresponding period last year where 4,970 units were sold. Due to the excellent customer response to the Mazda brand and 5 models presently offered in Thailand, especially the Mazda2 and Mazda3 passenger cars that are attracting large number of customers to the showrooms, Mazda is enjoying the highest growth in the Thai auto market. It is expected that Mazda sales in 2010 will grow by 164% to 35,000 units, giving the brand a 5% share in the total auto market.

Sureetip La-Ongthong Chomthongdee, Marketing Director of MST, said that the Mazda3 was developed and introduced to the global market including Thailand under Mazda’s “Zoom-Zoom” concept that is well-accepted around the world. “Due to its fun-to-drive character, the Mazda3 is one of the most accepted Mazda models. The Mazda3’s Zoom-Zoom personality goes in harmony with Mazda’s global philosophy reflecting a new direction and continuous evolution which is ‘Sustainable Zoom-Zoom’. In this respect we are preparing for new innovations from Mazda, and this image will be inserted into every detail of Mazda’s brand communications in the future,” she said.

“From our research we found out that there has been a change in the behavior of Thai motorists who are choosing vehicles according to their exact needs. From using pickup trucks or large luxury sedans, consumers are switching over to small passenger cars that are fuel-efficient and sporty, with attractive design, low maintenance cost and high safety levels. These are not cheap vehicles but are cars that offer high value-for-money and are fun to drive. This is not a car that is meant for driving simply from point A to point B, but is one that also offers driving enjoyment, pride of ownership and environmental friendliness. With consumers choosing the vehicle that suits them the most, from now on Mazda will be moving forward in introducing many new models in order to take us to the forefront of the Thai auto market,” Sureetip added.

The launch of the Mazda3 in Thailand several years ago marked an important page in Mazda’s history in Thailand and represents the brand’s most important transformation in this country. With the parent company fully entering Thailand almost 10 years ago, it started to lay strong foundation whether in terms of marketing, products, dealership network, service quality, spare parts, marketing communications, marketing promotions as well as public relations in order to effective and swiftly reach customers. This has allowed Mazda to achieve success in very little time. For the second half of the year, Mazda has prepared a large number of activities to penetrate target customer groups with their own unique lifestyles such as staging the “Mazda2 on Campus…Zoom-Zoom Life Begins” event at various leading universities. The event includes safety driving training as well as contests to recruit capable females to become a part of Mazda’s special PR team. In addition, Mazda is also joining hands with U Channel in organizing activities with students with another 10 universities in order to start a new trend and attract new customer groups into the market, she said.

The launch of the new Mazda3 today comes with a new marketing concept entitled “A Reflection of Your Sports Spirit” that Mazda will be staging during the fourth quarter of the year in order to strengthen the brand image along with creating awareness through advertisement and public relations. “We aim to stimulate the auto market with television commercials that are different from others and will concentrate on communicating through the lifestyles of the target customer groups. This will allow them to be able to understand and grasp the image of our products effectively. The 30-second television commercial will mention outstanding lifestyle along with unique character, clarity and stress on technical aspects in order to reach target groups directly. Advertisements will appear in every media including radio, television, newspaper, Internet, mobile phone, direct mail, marketing activities, showroom sales promotions and domestic customers in every area,” she said.

The new Mazda3 has been hailed as the best Japanese car in the Thai passenger car market with its high-quality production technique as well as excellent high-quality materials, high equipment level and more safety features than other cars in the same class. “This time we added many more features in order to suit the character of the customers, starting with a full aero kit with sports front and rear bumper and spoilers plus side skirts, sports stainless steel exhaust and 4-point reverse sensor (same color as body). For the interior, there are chrome air-conditioner controls and AUX input for the audio system, allowing MP3 players and iPods to be connected,” Sureetip said.

The retail price of the new Mazda3 1,600cc starts at only THB 755,000 while price of the 2,000cc model starts at THB 966,000. Both are capable of running on E20 gasohol, giving extra value for customers especially when considering the quality, equipment level and safety features.


Zoom-Zoom: We put a little sport in everything we do.
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