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15 Sep 09 16:58
Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Launches All New 'Mitsu' Lancer EX
John K. Lindgren
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The new Lancer EX
is the first mass-production (FFV) flexi-fuel vehicle in Thailand. A passenger car that can run on all types of gasoline up to E85 fuel (85 parts ethanol with 15 parts gasoline)

All New Lancer EX sports fresh styling and features. The lancer EX is powered by two engines 1.8 and 2.0. From 831,000 THB to 1.034 million THB.

Mr Nobuyuki Murahashi, President of Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Company Limited yesterday presided over a large press conference at Bangkok's prestigious Plaza Athenee Hotel, the official launch of the new Mitsubishi Lancer EX. Mr Murahasi announced the the start of pre-bookings at its affiliated dealerships nationwide from September 16 before going on sales officially on October 16.

Lancer EX comes with the tag line “Sensational Intelligence” and is powered by two engines: a 1.8-liter
motor designed as Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV), compatible with all types of petrol including E85 and the 2.0-liter engine compatible up to E20. The sticker price ranges from 831,000 THB to 1,034,000 THB.

The 9th Generation, Mitsubishi Lancer EX, has been developed to meet customer needs and comes with the concept of ”Sensational Intelligence” concept providing customers a sense of both stylish and intelligent driving.

Besides, to establish trust and enhance customer confidence, the company has strengthened its “3S” - Sales, Service and Spare Parts concept together with sales and marketing and communication activities.

“Mitsubishi Motors is positive that the orders for the new Lancer EX will exceed 4,000 units in the first 6 months easily", said Mr Murahashi.

The sales promotion activities will include
- Start pre-booking: September 16, 2009
- Official sales:October 16, 2009
- Public Launch at Central World: October 16-18, 2009 (10:00 – 21:00)
- Road Show in Bangkok and up-country October: 2009 March 2010
Sales campaign during launch period: Free Diamond Insurance

The all-new Mitsubishi Lancer EX will be available at 129 Mitsubishi affiliated dealerships throughout Thailand after October 16 2009.

"The 9th generation of the Lancer sedan; Lancer EX brings global standard levels of safety, comfort & convenience and environmental performance together with sporty saloon road performance in the tradition of the Mitsubishi Motor brand. Development was aimed to create a new sedan provide both functional and emotional values which are distinguished by: a design that immediately identifies it as a Mitsubishi Motors sedan and gives expression to the feel, the purposefulness and impressive stance associated with the sedan body style. Including the quality of handling and response and the particular flavor of ride that define the Mitsubishi Motors brand. With all of these elements, I am very confident that Lancer EX which is rich in ingenuity and loaded with new technologies will satisfy the needs and aspiration of sedan drivers” Mr Murahashi added.

Lancer EX is designed to continue the sporty look tradition of Mitsubishi Motors sedan GT model, the top of the line model for unisex enhancing “Emotional Value“ for the smart, urbanites who consider not only stylish, distinctive performance but also intelligent driving.

The GLS and GLX models have been developed to serve female drivers’ desire reflecting “Rational value” with elegant style because the company believe that the female customer is the key target especially in this segment.

The exterior design creates a body with vibrant looks and a strong road presence using proportions comprising a large cabin wrapped in sporty, wide-stance styling and by combining the Mitsubishi Motors sedan's hallmark inverted-slant nose with a trapezoidal grille. The interior was designed to marry together with functionality and an sophisticated feel in every part of the car, evident whether sitting in using or driving the car.

The bowed dashboard creates the best in class roominess while the detailing is designed for optimum driver operability, visibility and viewability.

With its wider track the packaging reconciles the requirements of stable handling and response with its excellent maneuverability that stems from a minimum turning radius of 5.0 meter best in class for u-turns.

This new generation‘s powertrain uses a new 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter DOHC MIVEC aluminum block engine, which earns EU emission standards step 4, the motor is mated to Mitsubishi's INVECS-III 6-speed Sport Mode CVT that delivers responsive power transmission while returning excellent fuel economy.

Especially, for the 1.8-liter engine, which is the first mass production Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) in the Thai market an
high-tech engine

that can run on all types of petrol up to E85 while 2.0-liter engine can run on gasohol E20.

Mitsubishi has developed the engine for Lancer EX Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) by improving all parts that involved with gasohol.

As gasohol especially E85 has very high corrosion rate therefore Mitsubishi Motors changed every part that comes in contact with E85 to a high resistance quality material in order to eliminate corrosion in the fuel tank, valve, valve seat, pump, delivery pipe and injector which made from metal, rubber and plastic.

The INTELLIGENT ECU will adjust the amounts of fuel injected and the ignition spark timing automatically in order to provide the best performance whenever different type of fuelare filled up; E0, E10 or E20 up to E85.

Safety. A high-rigidity platform with excellent impact safety performance and a revamped suspension underpin and support high levels of handling and response and safety performance. Features enhancing passive and impact safety include RISE body; dual SRS airbags; adaptive front lighting (AFS) available on the GT model. The AFS improves the driver's field of vision at night.

All New Mitsubishi Lancer EX Product Features

1. Design: Sporty and dynamic styling elements


Lancer EX is the first model to adopt the new Mitsubishi Motors sedan design identity in its front visage while distinguished by dynamic, powerful and progressive lines, identifies it immediately as a Mitsubishi sedan.

The inverted-slant nose, traditional to Mitsubishi Motors sedans and incorporating a leisurely flowing engine hood line with and equate pedestrian protection, is combined with a trapezoidal grille to give the front end a dynamic and forcefully progressive appearance.

The sporty image contributes to the Lancer advanced aerodynamics (cd = 0.29). Chrome line front grille, front fog lamps and stainless tail pipe are available as a factory-fitted option on GLS and GT models. Sporty bias with following as standard for GT model: Front and side airdams, rear spoiler that tweak up GT trim aggressive looks.

Lancer EX range uses two types of high-performance headlamps that share a carefully crafted and crisp rectangular design: multi reflector headlamp with halogen for GLS and GLX trim level while Bi-Xenon Projector headlamp equipped with adaptive front lighting system (AFS) for GT trim level respectively. It is distinguished in its rear view by franks that wraparound into a neatly, chunks rear end and wide rear combination light units are set high up in the tail and bring together improves visibility and a stylish design.

The alloy wheels that were designed exclusively for Lancer EX engenders an image of athletic road performance and handling. 1.8-liter engine trim features a set of 16” tires as standard for better cornering and overall performance while 2.0-liter engine trim features a set of “Best in Class” 18-inch alloy wheels.

Interior: Brings a feel-good ambiance for relaxing ride

The aim in developing the interior design for generously roomy Lancer EX was to marry together with functionality and an uptown feel in every part of the car, evident whether sitting in using or driving the car. Designed with drivers in mind, every aspect of the interior is made to enhance driver experience behind the wheel.
The creatively designed cabin layout realizes the best in class legroom of 1,985 mm and front headroom of 905 mm. On par with a a larger sedan.

The bowed dashboard creates a sense of roominess while the detailing is designed for optimum driver operability, visibility and viewability. The use of leather accents in the instrumentation, full auto A/C and multi-function steering in GT model wheel enhances the sporty and sophisticated look of the interior

The Lancer EX series comes in two interior color schemes: a sporty black monotone in GT and GLS-Limited models and a classy and relaxing black / beige two-tone for the GLX and GLS models.

Leather sport type seats for GT and GLS-Limited and two types of beige fabric for GLS and GLX trim, Lancer EX uses sculpted front seats with side supports and cushioning designed for optimum location and support while the rear seat uses large cushions with headrest 3 pieces in GLS-Limited and GT model that engender a sense of comfort. The 60:40-split rear seat back also features a truck-through mechanism that enhances truck compartment utility.

Standard on all models is a multi-Information display that shows average speed, fuel consumption, distance until empty, maintenance schedule and outside temperature. The red back lit LEDs are stylish as well as easy to read and the driver can conveniently select from several different displays while driving.

2. Utility: Amenities designed for pure driving pleasure

The Lancer EX 2.0-liter series is available with multi function steering which provide; audio switch for easy access for volume, track selection and sound mode controls; a paddle shifter that allows the driver to shift gears without taking his hand off the steering wheel along with cruise control which is built into the steering wheel for fully intuitive operation for optimized convenience on long drives.

Lancer EX offers a generous variety items storage space designed for convenience ease of use. The front compartment has a large door pockets with bottle holders, a center tray for small items. A large floor console box with tray on lid while the rear passenger compartment storage is providing in the form of cup holder in the central armrest and door pockets.

Unique audio type 6 CD's and 6 speaker for GLS and GT model and one CD with four a speaker for GLX model All models are available as standard with a keyless entry system with truck lid electric release.

Standard on all models is Mitsubishi Motors ETACS (Electric Time and Alarm Control System) system that controls the operating environment for the headlight and interior lamp auto-off, security alarm, except GLX model, immobilizer and other electronic systems fitted to Lancer EX.

3. Powertrain: Weight reduction and advances technology yield brawny, clean performance

Lancer EX comes with a new compact and lightweight engine 4B10 1.8 liter and 4B11 2.0-liter 4-cylinder 16 valve DOHC MIVEC.

The die-cast aluminum cylinder block, plastic cylinder head cover, rearward exhaust layout and double-wall stainless steel exhaust manifold are just some of the advanced technologies employed in the new engine. The application of Mitsubishi’s MIVEC variable valve timing technology to both intake and exhaust valve trains realizes optimum valve lift timing for all driving conditions and delivers high-performance and returns excellent fuel mileage.

The engine is mated to Mitsubishi's INVECS-III CVT transmission that optimally matches shift points to engine speed at all times to deliver responsive and smooth acceleration while returning excellent fuel economy.

To align with Thai government’s environment and energy policies as the National Agenda and to support Thai agriculture, the 1.8 liter engine model is the first mass production Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) in Thailand. An advanced technology power plant which can be run on both petrol and gasohol with a wide range of ethanol-petrol fuel mixtures from E0 all the way up to E85.

There is intelligent ECU in a Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV)a system that will adjust automatically. Whenever a different type of fuel is filled up: E0, E10, E20 up to E85, the INTELLIGENT ECU will analyze by utilizes oxygen concentration sensors to measure the concentration of oxygen in exhaust system to estimate what fuel blend is currently in the tank, then the INTELLIGENT ECU will automatically adjust the amounts of fuel injected and the ignition spark timing in order to provide the best performance.

The 1.8 liter engine generates a maximum output of 139 PS at 6,000 rpm with maximum torque of 172 Nm at 4,200 rpm while 2.0 liter engine can run on gasohol E20 and generate a maximum output of 154 PS at 6,000 rpm with maximum torque of 198 Nm at 4,250 rpm. All models have EU emission standards step 4 (Euro 4).

4. Suspension : New-generation suspension with high level of handling, stability and comfortable ride

Lancer EX uses the McPherson strut front and multi-link rear suspension with stabilizer bar that allow the auto designer the ability to incorporate both good ride quality and good car handling in the same vehicle. Moreover GT model provides the front strut tower bar for high speed stability when cornering.

To manage the higher power output, handling performance, deliver a stable and comfortable ride, new Lancer EX rides on 16–inch and 18-inch alloy wheels and tires. For GT model rides as standard on 18-inch 10-spoke high-rigidity alloy road wheels shod with 215/45R18 tires for improved grip, cornering and overall performance while GLS-Ltd., GLS and GLX ride as standard on 16-inch alloy road wheels with 205/60 R16 tires for a better cornering and comfortable driving.
Belying its size classification, the Lancer EX series boasts outstanding maneuverability with Best in Class minimum turning radius of 5.0 meters even Lancer EX achieved the “Best in Class” roominess.

5. Peace-of-mind safety specifications:

High-rigidity body underpins global standard safety Lancer EX‘s body has been revamped to realize higher levels of safety and on-demand handling and response. It uses Mitsubishi‘s own RISE body, side door impact bar along with ultra high tensile steel that brings dramatic advance in multi-directional impact performance.

Lancer EX comes with an engine immobilizer ,security alarm (except GLX model) to deter theft , ABS, electronic brake-force distribution with Brake-assist, dual SRS airbags (except GLX model) along with pre tensioner and load limiter front seat belts. It also provides the better braking performance with bigger disc brake for alloy wheel size 15-inch up of GLS-Ltd., GLS and GLX model and for alloy wheel 16-inch up of GT model.

The sporty-designed front seats are designed to mitigate injury to the neck while the engine hood, front fenders and front bumper all employ impact energy-absorbing structures to reduce injury to and protect pedestrians. 3-points ELR front seat belt are fitted with pretensioners that take up any slack in the shoulder belt on detection of any strong impact force to secure more firmly in a frontal crash and force limiters that operates to slacken the belt and absorb the load acting on the occupant and thereby reduce impact force acting on the chest.

Standard on GT model, the adaptive front lighting system (AFS) is fitted in which auxiliary lights turn to increase the area of road illuminated and improve driver visibility at night.

Confident after sales services
Readiness of the after-sales services under “Diamond “concept is always placed highly on the agenda, therefore, all the 130 service centers are efficient and ready for the “3S area” - Sales, Services, and Spare Parts. With many courses of training for all sales personnel and technicians emphasizing the skill proficiency in new applications of the equipment and innovative technologies in Lancer EX. At the same time Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has particularly reserved of Mitsubishi Lancer EX’s Parts to cater the number of customers coming for the service with the price listing that is competitive with those of other competitors.

Attractive price

The new Mitsubishi Lancer EX offers the four models in five new EXciting colors: Medium Red, Platinum Beige, Cool Silver, Eisen Gray Mica and Pyreness Black.

Price list:

Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1.8 MIVEC GLX
831,000 THB

Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1.8 MIVEC GLS
886,000 THB

Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1.8 MIVEC GLS-Limited
899,000 THB

Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.0 MIVEC GT1
1,034,000 THB


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By: brian 29 Mar 10 13:41 ICT
I'm interested Lance EX 2.0 GT but the the EX 2.0 GT in Thailand it different model from Malaysia, Singapore, Chana
and Philippines. I very like Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.0 GT 2010 like a model in Malaysia. Is it possible EX 2.0 GT 2010 Malaysia will come to Thailand?
Malaysia very close to Thailand.

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