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10 Sep 10 12:44
Greener Altis with a Super CVT-i 7 Speed Transmission
Seven speeds, more power. less fuel Toyota Super CTV-i
Panod Srisinsuphya
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       28th August 2010, CarSanook Magazine was invited by Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. PR Department to test All New Corolla Altis, at the Bridgestone Proving Ground in Wang Noi, Ayutthaya. Before the test drive, Toyota stressed that this new Corolla Altis has better performance, more power, smoother gear transmission, better acceleration, and improved fuel efficiency. Toyota PR elaborated that all of this was possible because of the new and improved Dual VVT-i Engine, and improved CVT-i 7 Speed, which Toyota calls Super CVT-i. When these two technologies are combined it helps sustain low RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), even when during acceleration, making the car consume less fuel.

       After a brief introduction of the new Toyota Corolla Altis we get to try the vehicle on the Bridgestone oval circuit. The Altis demo car for track day was the 1.8-liter engine model. After many tests including acceleration, slalom, break, high speed driving, high speed turning, and changing gear at high speed we could confirm that the car is stable, has a good handling, very smooth gear change and is surprisingly quiet. At 140 km/h you’ll feel like you are in a church, and at 160 km/h you will feel like the car was at a speed of around 120 km/h, which was amazing! After five hard-core test stations we now have a chill test-drive to try on the car’s eco-friendliness.

During the brief introduction Toyota also emphasized that the New Altis is considered an eco-friendly car measuring up to the stringent Euro 4 Standard. Eco Mode will be activated only when you use the Automatic transmissions, and your speed doesn’t go beyond 140 kph.

       When you drive at 140 kph, your car consumes around 13 km/L at 120 kph, your car will consume around 15-16 km/L and you can get up to 18 km/L, which is very impressive for a 1.800cc engine.

      The exterior of the car look quite sporty, and a little more attractive than the previous model, overall the car is very nice.

      Inside the new Altis is a very roomy, plenty of head and legroom. The seats are quite comfortable. An interesting interior detail was that the back seat could be folded down to create extra room at the back, which connected to the trunk, so you could carry lots of luggage, even a small mountain bike!

       Overall this car is very nice, and comes with adequate fuel efficiency. So… buy or buy-bye? I’ll choose buy, especially for those who like to drive a sedan, love to drive fast and still want to save money on fuel. The new Corolla Altis 1.8 is the perfect car, safe, fun to drive and the most importantly affordable at THB 864,000 including the 7 Speed Automatic Super CVT-i gearbox.

TOYOTA moving forward >

As their slogan goes.

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